Forest disturbance in a changing world

Trees and light - fieldwork in Bavaria

In cooperation with Bavarian Forest National Park, a RESIN-study took place on five experimental study sites in and around Germanys oldest National Park. For this study, the diameters, vital states and exact locations of around 8.500 trees were measured, accompanied by over 1.900 canopy photographies enabling a detailed estimation of solar radiation.


Embedded in the Germany-wide BioHolz project (, this data will give us the unique opportunity to measure and observe the effects of different disturbances from beginning to end. Therefore, study sites were treated in 8 different ways imitating natural and human disturbances. The trials consists of leaving of standing deadwood, lying deadwood, a mixture of standing and lying deadwood, and stumps only ('forestry as usual') both for dispersed and aggregated spatial arrangements. On each stand the same percentage of trees were threatened to enable a direct comparison among these stands.



Equipped with a rugged tablet, a laser rangefinder, a radiation measuring device, calipers, ranging poles, and loads of lumber chalk, the fieldwork was accomplished by the end of summer. With the assistance of many trainees of the Bavarian Forest National Park, data collection was an intressting and valuable experience, despite of bad weather conditions.


Written by andreas on Tuesday October 11, 2016

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