Forest disturbance in a changing world

Sucessful research visit to the US

PhD student Katharina Albrich visited Prof. Monica G. Turner and her team at the University of Wisconsin in Madison!

Katharina visited the University of Wisconsin, Madison for two weeks to work with Monica G. Turner on a literature review regarding the use of simulation models for questions surrounding the topic "Forest resilience". Monica and her team were excellent hosts and not only provided great scientific input but also gave Katharina the full Wisconsin experience, including lots of cheese and the annual homecoming parade!

Katharina was also able to present her PhD research to the whole team and participate in several interesting lectures and seminars at the University of Wisconsin!
Monica will be visiting the RESIN team in spring 2019 and one of her PhD students, Kristin Braziunas is also planning a visit in the near future, so the fruitful exchange between the two labs is guaranteed to continue.

Katharina was supported on her trip through a travel grant for short-term scientific research work abroad (KUWI) offered by the Center for International Relations at BOKU.


Written by katharina on Monday November 5, 2018

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