Forest disturbance in a changing world

The RESIN Team

RESIN is coordinated at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna, Austria, and involves a number of international collaborators.


Rupert Seidl is Associate Professor of forest ecosystem management and the lead PI of the RESIN project.

Werner Rammer is a Senior Scientist specializing in the development and application of ecosystem models.

Andreas Sommerfeld is a PhD student working on disturbance changes and ecosystem recovery.

Katharina Albrich is a PhD student working on forest ecosystem services provisioning under changing climate and disturbance regimes.

Julius Sebald is a PhD student working on remote sensing of forest disturbances and climate robust forest management strategies.


University of Würzburg:

Jörg Müller is a professor of ecology and expert in forest conservation.

Czech University of Life Sciences:

Miroslav Svoboda is a professor of forest ecology and expert in disturbance ecology and dendroecology. 

National Forest Center of Slovakia:

Tomas Hlásny is an expert on disturbance modeling and management.

European Forest Institute – Central-East and South-East European Regional Office

Bernhard Wolfslehner is an expert on forest policy and management decision making.