Forest disturbance in a changing world


The Austrian public television ORF invited Rupert Seidl to talk about the latest RESIN publication on “Aktuell in Österreich”

Tree mortality processes – which are the main focus of the RESIN project – are not only relevant for science and practitioners, they also affect the general public. A recent example is ash dieback, which led to the closure of many parks and public walkways in and around Vienna for safety reasons. Novel disturbance regimes could thus have substantial direct impacts on the general public. It is thus important to disseminate RESIN research results to a wide audience beyond professionals.

In this respect Rupert Seidl, the RESIN PI, was talking on ORF television in the program "Aktuell in Österreich" yesterday, summarizing the latest RESIN findings regarding potential novel disturbance regimes in Europe. Seidl highlighted that climate change is intensifying forest disturbance regimes in Europe. Furthermore, he pointed out that through buying locally grown plant material (rather than internationally imported plants) for gardens and balconies everybody can reduce the risk for future pest invasions, and make a contribution to forest health.

Written by rupert on Thursday April 26, 2018

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