Forest disturbance in a changing world

First RESIN-related paper published

A walk on the wild side: Disturbance dynamics and the conservation and management of European mountain forest ecosystems

We're pleased to let you know that six months into the project the first RESIN-related paper was published today. The work was led by Dominik Kulakowski of Clark University and co-authored by RESIN PI Rupert Seidl and RESIN collaborator Miroslav Svoboda. It is the outcome of a workshop on forest dynamics on disturbances in Europe's mountain forests, held in Davos, Switzerland, earlier this year.

The paper synthesizes past and current disturbance dynamics in Europes mountain forests, and discusses the implications of natural disturbance regimes for ecosystem management and conservation. It is the synthesis of a forthcoming special issue in Forest Ecology and Management, dedicated to investigating various aspects of disturbance dynamics in Europe. A central message of our synthesis is: While disturbances have frequently killed many trees, they did not threaten forests.

This synthesis is a great starting point for our detailed explorations of the causes and consequences of forest disturbance change in the RESIN project.

Written by rupert on Thursday September 1, 2016

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