Forest disturbance in a changing world

RESIN Kickoff

The RESIN kick-off meeting took place in Vienna on April 5-6, 2016.

The RESIN Kick-Off meeting took place on April 5th to 6th 2016 in the wonderful Gustav-Hempel Haus in Vienna, close to the Vienna woods. The project team came together, outlining the resarch goals of the project. 

First, individual members of the RESIN team gave a brief overview over the tools and approaches they employ to study forests and their dynamics. Subsequently, we discussed how these complementary approaches can be used in RESIN to advance the frontier of forest disturbance research.

Discussions continued in the breaks, where we enjoyed the first warm spring days of the year.

After two days of developing a common vision and making plans for how to gain new insights into forest disturbance dynamics and effects we're looking forward to getting our hands dirty and starting our work in RESIN.

Written by rupert on Monday April 11, 2016

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