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Fieldwork in Tyrol

In July 2016, a field campaign for RESIN took place in the mountain forests of the Stubai valley in Tyrol, Austria. During the two-week field work 400 tree cores on 20 different sites were collected for later analysis. 

In the beginning of July 2016, Katharina and BOKU master student Hanna Krismer spent two weeks in the mountain forests of the Tyrolian Stubai Valley to collect tree cores for RESIN. The Stubai Valley is one of several landscapes where research for RESIN takes place and is situated in the Austrian Central Alps, between Innsbruck and the Italian border.

Working together with colleagues from the University of Innsbruck, a total of 400 trees (200 spruces and 200 larches) on 20 different sites were sampled.
The sites were selected according to the Tyrolian classification of forest types to represent a gradient from sites with good water supply to drier sites.
Despite less than favourable weather conditions, the field work could be completed without any problems.

The analysis of the cores will take place in Innsbruck in September 2016. From the tree ring data, information about the reaction of trees on the different sites to past drought events is expected.

Written by katharina on Thursday August 25, 2016

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