Forest disturbance in a changing world

RESIN results presented at Macro2017

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Two presentations on disturbance patterns and impacts in Europe's forests at the international conference "Macroecology in Space and Time", April 19-21, 2017.

Written by rupert on Thursday April 20, 2017

Tatra mountains modeling workshop

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Within the frame of the RESIN project a focal site of analysis will be the Tatra mountains in Slovakia. In a recent workshop together with colleagues from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary we’ve kicked off our simulation work for the area.

Written by rupert on Friday January 13, 2017

To model or not to model?

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Thoughts on ecosystem modeling as a powerful tool to answer current questions in ecology, published in a perspectives paper in Ecosystems.

Written by rupert on Friday November 18, 2016

Current disturbances reduce the risk of future disturbances

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In a recent paper published in PNAS we show that large recent fires in the Western US dampen and delay the risk for future bark beetle outbreaks. Disturbance-induced variability in stand structure was identified as a main mechanism of negative feedbacks between disturbances.

Written by rupert on Tuesday November 15, 2016

Trees and light - fieldwork in Bavaria

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In cooperation with Bavarian Forest National Park, a RESIN-study took place on five experimental study sites in and around Germanys oldest National Park. For this study, the diameters, vital states and exact locations of around 8.500 trees were measured, accompanied by over 1.900 canopy photographies enabling a detailed estimation of solar radiation.

Written by andreas on Tuesday October 11, 2016