Forest disturbance in a changing world




The Austrian public television ORF invited Rupert Seidl to talk about the latest RESIN publication on “Aktuell in Österreich”

Written by rupert on Thursday April 26, 2018

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About the project

Natural disturbances such as windthrows, insect outbreaks, and wildfires have intensified in many forest ecosystems around the globe recently. The project “Forest disturbance in a changing world” (RESIN) addresses the causes, consequences, and responses of changing forest disturbance regimes.

Specifically, RESIN aims to

  • improve our understanding of the past, present, and future of the natural disturbance regimes of Central Europe’s forests,
  • assess the effects of disturbance changes on biological diversity and the ecosystem services forests provide for society, and
  • develop robust management approaches to sustain ecosystems and their services also under changing climate and disturbance regimes

RESIN was started in 2016 and is a 6-year project, bringing together an international team of scientists under the lead of Rupert Seidl from BOKU Vienna.

 RESIN is supported by a START grant of the Austrian Science Fund.